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Level IIIA

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Armored vest protection level IIIA

The Prime Armor online protection store brings to your attention a bulletproof vest of protection level 3A body armor. According to research, IIIA armor is defeating capable of the caliber 357 Sig FMJ Flat Nose, weighing at least 8.1 grams. This type of body armor can stop a bullet with a speed of 1470 pounds per second. Armor of this type is perfect for law enforcement officers, as civilians for general security purposes.

Level IIIA body armor is also capable of withstanding 44 Magnum Semi Jacketed Hollow Point rounds if it weighs 15.6 grams.

Features of testing body armor IIIA

Armored vests of protection level IIIA lend themselves to the most severe testing. Thus, the manufacturer can guarantee the quality of the product. The armor is checked for several parameters: weather conditions, humidity, and mechanical damage. Checking on these three parameters allows you to check the ability to withstand various stimuli and at the same time maintain the original characteristics that contribute to the preservation of human health and life.

The most realistic testing allows you to make sure that the released product can meet all the parameters that the manufacturer endowed in the factory. Particularly interesting testing is carried out on mechanical impact. The body armor is placed in a special drum from the dryer, after which the drum starts to rotate. Such an impact on the product will allow you to check it for wear in extreme conditions. Therefore, the manufacturer guarantees with confidence the high quality of the armored vest of protective body armor level 3A.

Technical parameters of armored vest protection level IIIA

The following technical parameters will help you learn more about the IIIA body armor and get acquainted with its features.

  • The tested caliber – is 357 SIG, 44 Magnum.
  • Bullet weight – 125 grams.
  • Bullet speed – 1470 pounds per second.
  • Armor Type – Soft Armor.
  • Threat level protection – 9mm, 38 Special, 40 S&W, 45 AKP, 357 sign, 357 Mage, 44 Mage.

Level IIIA body armor differs from Level III armor in that in the first case. The manufacturer uses soft-type body armor plates level 3A. Therefore, its technical performance is somewhat lower, and cannot stop the bullets of those parameters that the second option can do.

IIIA’s flagship soft armor is made from industry-leading materials from reputable manufacturers. The company took full advantage of the ballistic capabilities of these materials, maximizing the synergy between the components. The creation of the final panel of the Hybrid IIIA soft body armor. The result is an ultra-lightweight, thin, high-strength, and flexible armor system in a 1-pound package (ASC Model 10″ x 12″)! All soft armor comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

Armored vest protection level IIIA: for whom is it intended?

Armor with protection level IIIA can hold bullets fired from pistols up to 44 Mag. This type of body armor is perfect for patrolmen who spend most of their time in the car.

However, HIJ research has shown that this armor reduces type its resisting capabilities in wet environments. Therefore, such bulletproof vests are perfect for police officers, security guards, and other civilians who live in the southern and western regions of the United States of America. At the same time, the manufacturer does not recommend the use of armored vests of protection level IIIA in those regions of America where high levels of air humidity are observed.

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The catalog contains a huge number of models, including armor with protection level IIIA body armor. The site has an attractive design and user-friendly interface. Each lot has a detailed description and all current characteristics. Such a set of information allows customers to study each body armor model, and obtain reliable and up-to-date data, which allows potential buyers to select the appropriate option remotely.

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