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How Body Armor Varies Between Men And Women

When choosing a bulletproof vest, there’s definitely a variety of questions you would like to ask before purchasing it. How does body armor work? How do you wear it properly? What are the main body armor levels? How does it vary between men and women?

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What Is Soft Body Armor?

In the beginning, people used animal skins or natural fibers made from straw, cotton, and silk. Then metals – copper and steel, replaced them. The

How Does Body Armor Work

How Does Body Armor Work

Body armor, also known as “bulletproof vest”, is ballistic wear used to stop different projectiles like firearms and shrapnel rated NIJ IIIA Standard and rounds

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How To Clean Bullet Proof Vest

If you want body armor to last long, it should be maintained and stored properly. It should be visually inspected for cuts, holes, and other

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The History of Body Armor

Nowadays, a bulletproof vest is an integral item of body armor. There exist multiple levels of protection that safeguard military and law enforcement personnel from

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Main Body Armor Levels

When it comes to choosing a bullet-resistant vest, there’s a range of aspects that have to be taken into consideration. You should pay attention to

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Types of Body Armor Plates

Nowadays the value of each man’s life has increased greatly. Scientists all over the world develop individual defense equipment to make it more reliable and advanced.

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How To Wear Body Armor

Nowadays, body armor is an essential element of the personal protection of law enforcement and military personnel. Wearing a bullet-resistant vest on a daily basis,