The state of California has just introduced its aims to BAN the sale of body armor to its everyday civilians. Yes, this means no more online or in-store purchases of body armor for civilians like you and I. This doesn’t just affect tactical gear enthusiasts but straight out unconstitutional. Let’s look into all the details of Assembly Bill 92 as to why the ban of body armor is unconstitutional and the potential impacts it’ll have on the tactical gear community.

Important to Know!

As this bill states anyone who already owns body armor will be allowed to keep it if it was purchased prior to the passing of the bill. As we have seen how quickly everything changes in the modern world, it looks more like the bill is expected to pass soon.


Assemblyman Conley, introduced the bill 92 to make it a misdemeanor for any person to purchase and/or take possession of body armor unless they are employed in a specified profession such as law enforcement or private securities. The bill requires sellers to verify the identity of a person’s profession is eligible. Not only would this bill authorize the Department of Justice to expand its list of eligible professions but a person, small business, firm, or corporation will receive a misdemeanor to sell or deliver body armor to anyone who’s not engaged in certain eligible professions.

Those who are still allowed to purchase body armor:

  1. Persons in military service in the state or military or other services for “United States”
  2. Federal law enforcement officers
  3. Armored vehicle guards
  4. Security guards
  5. Firefighters
  6. Peace officers
  7. Emergency medical technicians and paramedics
  8. Firearm dealers
  9. Body armor retailers
  10. Building safety inspection
  11. Code enforcement officers
SYBER MONDAY 6 California’s Unconstitutional Body Armor Ban Proposal
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Not only would this hurt any business but small businesses indefinitely that sell body armor as they wouldn’t be able to sell to a majority of their customer base. Doing so, would also result in the loss of revenue for all businesses that sell body armor. If this bill were to pass, the restrictions for average civilians to purchase body armor would be affected greatly and unconstitutional. In the terms of owning body armor, most people understand this as a “bulletproof” vest that a person uses to protect themselves from battle or anywhere where there’s gunfire. However, the other majority, the tactical gear community, understands that there’s more to it than the usage of possible violent situations such as protection (backpack inserts for both adults and children), hunting, outdoor activities, and even fitness.

According to Assemblyman Conley, the reason for the bill is, “It is clear that the sale o body
armor has empowered violent criminals, including mass shooters to harm, kill and prolong their
rampages. This ongoing and unnecessary epidemic of violence must be stopped and AB 92 will
help protect innocent bystanders and our peace officers.”

5 2 California’s Unconstitutional Body Armor Ban Proposal
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We The People have rights. The Second Amendment of the United States of America Constitution states that “the right of people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” The right to bear Arms includes body armor and it is a form of not only protection but self-defense. This not only restricts the ability of law abiding citizens to purchase body armor but it is also a violation of our Second Amendment rights and disproportionately affects those who use body armor for hunting or even as simple as fitness. We’ve all heard the term of one stick alone is fragile and easily breakable but a group of sticks together is strong and much harder to break apart than being alone. When a community is well protected with mindful neighbors coming together, it is less likely for a criminal to work their way in when they know the community is well protected.

We urge you to contact your local legal representatives in the state of California and let them know you do not agree with this new assembly bill 92 and ask them to vote against this tyranny.