Soft armor level IIIA

Are you looking for high-quality body armor with padded inserts of level 3a soft body armor? If so, the Prime Armor online store is the right place to purchase this item. The online store offers a wide range of quality products for personal protection. A wide variety of high-quality body armor at affordable prices will allow each client to choose the right model and thus protect their health and life. Model IIIA soft armor can stop bullets, and protect a person from blows and cuts.

Model Features

Protection level IIIA soft armor has the following features:

  • Used to protect against bullets, impacts, and cuts.
  • For the manufacture of armor, a special para-aramid was used.
  • The model provides full-side protection, which makes the body armor 15% more effective.
  • Stylish and unobtrusive design.
  • The model has a distinctive shape that does not hinder movement and provides the ability to perform maneuvers.

It is important to note that Prime Armor’s IIIA soft body armor can withstand not only the penetration of bullets. But also other mechanical influences. The model has passed a full set of tests and checks before going on sale. Armor IIIA has been tested for temperature, preservation of properties in specific conditions (high humidity), and wear.

Protection level IIIA: features

Armor with protection best level 3a soft body armor is endowed with special characteristics. Such models can protect a person from bullet wounds, stab wounds, and mechanical shocks. Our online store offers customers a large assortment of Tier IIIA armor with a full-size grid. This model is perfect for law enforcement officers, people working in security, and ordinary American citizens.

Body armor plates

Our online store offers not only a wide range of complete body armor but also its elements. So customers of the Prime Armor online store can purchase armor plates separately. The availability of separate plates for sale will allow buyers not to spend extra money in case of minor damage to the body armor, and to easily replace a certain part of it (element).

Soft-armed armor IIIA armor vests are lightweight and thin. Thanks to these characteristics, the armor is comfortable to wear, does not hinder movement, and provides a person with freedom of action. This body armor model can be worn both over clothes and hide the armor under a jacket, blouse or jacket. Additional bulkiness to the frame of the body will not be added due to the use of a durable but thin enough material.

Distinctive parameters of armor level 3A

Tier IIIA is one of the most common types of soft armor. Such models can protect a person from various caliber small arms. So, armor level IIIA can stop a bullet of 9 mm caliber. Such bullets are used by almost all pistols. Additionally, other panels can be used, which makes Level 3A armor even more reliable and safe.

When choosing level IIIA soft body armor, it is important to check the plate holders. Some models of bulletproof vests are made for a certain type of plate. Therefore, it is important to check this nuance if you plan to additionally equip a bulletproof vest.

Our online store offers a wide range of quality level IIIA body armor and other models.

Each armor passes the most severe testing for quality, endurance, and wear. This allows us to provide only the best, certified, and field-tested product and thus guarantee the effectiveness of the purchased product to each buyer.

Each lot on our website has a detailed description and price characteristics. This will allow a potential buyer to study the characteristics of the desired product and make the right choice remotely. If you have any doubts, you can contact our consultants. These are experienced specialists who will listen carefully to the client’s needs and help you choose the perfect body armor for personal protection.