In today’s complex battlefield, the prospect of having reliable body armor and bulletproof gear can have a significant impact. Moreover, the ever-evolving security challenges require that the armed personnel is well equipped with tactical standard body armor.

Sometimes, the standard armor loadout may not be enough for a specific operation. After all, different combat conditions require more advanced protection. That is what, it is imperative to upgrade your Carrier loadout. Therefore, in this article, we will analyze how to boost your loadout and improve survivability chances.

I – Bullet Resistant Helmets

One of the modern warfare gear pieces is the bullet resistant helmets. On that note, it is important to emphasize that bulletproof helmets also come in different styles and sizes.

Also, most of these helmets are effective due to their ballistic performances. The general recommendation is to get a Bulletproof Helmet Level IIIA ranking. The reasoning behind this is that there are complex realities on today’s battlefield. And some helmets have all-round improvements such as added Polyurea spray paint. This addition can protect the helmet from the weather conditions on the battlefield and can secure it from impacts and shrapnels.

In the same time, these helmets can improve the survivability chances. And can accommodate tactical technology additions such as google straps, IR lights, and video cameras.

II – Tactical Chest & Leg Rigs

Another notable addition to your Carrier Loadout is the chest and leg rigs. The high-quality combat chest and leg rigs provide much-needed space. This is important as it can create additional spaces on the ballistic vest. Moreover, their load-carrying capacity can be improved as well.

That is the result of the added practical attachments points, such as PALS and D-rings. You can holster, rifle magazines, and other accessories such as first aid. Therefore, the addition of tactical Chest and Leg Rigs can upgrade your Carrier Loadout. And your assault rig will look professional.

III – First Aid Kit

The strategic focus of survivability is always linked with bulletproof tactical gear. However, the prospect of having a first aid kit can be a key element for life and death. The troops are all first aid trained, but with the first aid kit, they can effectively deal with wounds, fractures, injuries, bleeding and use medications. However, you should anticipate the potential battlefield challenges through the prism of the combat setting. In simple words, you can improve your Carrier Loadout by adding multi-use first aid kit for critical care in case of plate penetration, blast or other combat injuries

IV – Tourniquet Holders

Tourniquet Holders are simple, but life-saving gears that every armed personnel should have. Moreover, the Tourniquet Holders are great Carrier Loadout addition for every field operation. It is also a significant part of the Body armor and can make a difference on the battlefield.

V – Prime Armor Ballistic UHMW-PE Plate

The Ballistic UHMW-PE Plate 10×12 by Prime Armor has been tested as per the NIJ 0101.06 standards, and it is multi-hit capable. The design also includes “back site impact padding” which is added to reduce the amount of energy transfer to your body. Therefore, this water-resistant Hard Armor’s Ballistic UHMW-PE Plate 10×12 is effective in reducing the projectile energy felt through your armor. All in all, these are affordable, comfortable, but high performing, and lightweight.

VI – Tactical Plate Carries

The plate carries is a significant innovation that is based on a load-bearing system that provides ballistic protection. And it is an essential addition to the Carrier Loadout. A recommended product that can be a great tactical addition is the Prime Armor Polyethylene Body Armor plates. Moreover, these plates are an essential add-on that can efficiently protect from various projectiles. This model is Threat Level III and it is the ideal solution if you are looking for rifle protection with a low weight.

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Also, it is an awesome addition to your Carrier Loadout because they are comfortable, low weight can reduce the felt energy through your armor. The design is based on water-resistant nylon cover with edge impact padding increases durability. And with 5-year shelf life, it is an ideal addition to your carrier loadout.