The emerging challenges of modern warfare, it is imperative to have the right equipment. And that can include a broad spectrum of different gear. That includes the ballistic helmets.

They are an integral part of the personal protection gear. And with so many different options on the market, it can be challenging to pick the right model for your needs. Therefore, this article will provide essential tips about how to pick the right ballistic helmet.

Ballistic Helmets – What Do You Need to Know

There are different types of ballistic helmets with different specifications and features. From a tactical perspective, your pick for a ballistic helmet should be analyzed through three basic factors such as the level of protection, the style, and the brand.

  • Style The ballistic helmets are made in different sizes and shapes. Moreover, each of these segments can result in different levels of comfort and tactical performance. On that note, it is important to emphasize that your pick needs to be in correlation with the overall body armor. To be more specific, if your team uses the highly durable UHMW-PE body armor, then a UHMWPE FAST Tactical Bulletproof Helmet can be a good option.
  • Level of Protection The second element that you need to consider is the level of protection of the ballistic helmet. A high level of protection can provide a tactical advantage in combat. The current models of ballistic helmets on the market can have different levels of protection. Moreover, the level of protection is tested by the National Institute of Justice.

NIJ Classification – Level II Protection

According to their specifications, Level II can provide optimal protection from factory handgun loads in the caliber 9mm, 357 Magnum. Also, the Level II can provide effective protection from other threats such as 22 caliber Long Rifle High Velocity and High Velocity 38 Special.

The general recommendation is that the Level II protection is effective for specific combat setting that includes law enforcement. Usually, the cost for Level II protection based helmets should cost less.

NIJ Classification – Level IIIA

The Level IIIA is a specification that is used for the ballistic helmets for military and special operations teams. Moreover, the Level IIIA is ideal for protection from most factory handgun loads in the caliber 44 Magnum, 9mm, and 357 Magnum. Furthermore, helmets with this level of protection are effective in neutralizing the potential negative impacts of a projectile.

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In addition to protection from ballistic impacts, Level IIIA helmets deliver increased protection from projectile impacts. Therefore, they are ideal for the increased challenges in today’s modern battlefields.

Other Elements

Important features that you need to consider are the weight. This is important since the weight of the ballistic impact can have a strategic impact on the speed and mobility of the operator. Another element is the color of the camouflage style. You will need to consider and analyze the battlefield and the area of operations.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Ballistic helmets are an integral part of the personal body armor for anyone in combat operations. That is why picking the right ballistic helmet for your tactical unit, can have a galvanizing effect on the success of your operations. And these strategic considerations will help you to choose the most effective and affordable ballistic helmet.