In today’s market, there is a broad spectrum of body armor options. Moreover, the different types of body armor can be beneficial since the customer has the opportunity to analyze different products before making a decision.

However, the numerous innovations on the market can sometimes make it harder to pick the right one. That is why it is imperative to have a better understanding of the choices. Therefore, this article will provide a step by step explanation about how to buy the right armor.

Basic Considerations First and foremost, you must pick a vest you that fits you properly. The reasoning is that this can ensure maximum protection. Therefore, your vest should be properly adapted to your body, so that it provides comfort and the proper level of protection. The second notable step is to get familiar with the legal aspects such as the regulations for buying, wearing and possessing armor. Follow the laws before purchasing any body armor equipment.

Another important consideration is to select a proper body armor as per your needs. To be more specific, you will need a vest that matches the threat level you may be facing. For example, a level IIIA ballistic vest is one option that is comfortable, light, and can protect from small arms such as handguns.

However, if you are expecting to face more advanced threats on the battlefield, then Level III and Level IV are the recommended option. Level III and Level IV are effective in neutralizing rifle fire. Therefore, it is important to have an awareness about what kind of environment you will be facing.

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In the same time, the type of body armor is something that you will need to consider. On that note, it is important to emphasize that there 3 notable armor plates. The steel plates are the old fashioned body armor plates that are still effective. But those models can often cause injuries from the bullet impact. This is based on the fact that the steel plates do not neutralize all of the projectile impact energy.

The ceramic plates are another option. They are mostly lightweight and can disperse the bullet impact energy. Yet, the downside is that the ceramic plates brake as a result of the impact. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the body armor based on ceramic plates can protect from additional bullets.

The most advanced model is Polyethylene Body Armor. For instance, the Prime Armor Level III Polyethylene Body Armor is a revolutionary option that is one of the most effective on the market. It is made of Polyethylene, a material that is multi-hit capable.

Also, it weighs 4lb and provides riffle Level III protection. Polyethylene is significantly more comfortable than steel plates. And it is highly effective in reducing the felt energy through your armor.

The Bottom Line

All in all, buying the right armor and plate carrier can be a complex task. With the market offering so many different models, it can be a real challenge for many people.

That is why, you should always aim for body armor that is affordable, comfortable, high performing, and lightweight. The Prime Armor Ballistic UHMW-PE Plate 10×12 matches all of these benchmarks.