Throughout the years, the challenge for many was how to effectively protect from gunfire in combat. Moreover, the early forms of body armor protection provided only limited protection from a bullet.

However, in today’s modern warfare, the need for bulletproof vests are paramount for every tactical operation. And with so many different products on the market, many people have the ultimate question about the effectiveness of the bulletproof vests?

Bulletproof Vests – Overview

There is also a general belief that the bulletproof vests have the tactical benefit of preventing every bullet from penetrating through to the body.

However, the reality is that the bulletproof vests bullet resistant. The way vests work is preventing the potential body penetration of the bullet. But they cannot neutralize every bullet. The level of prevention is strongly related to the types and sizes of bullets travelling up to certain speeds. In the same time, certain types of bulletproof vests may still cause injuries to the operator. Additionally, there have been numerous cases where pieces of the vest fabric ended into the body of the user. In simple words, even if the bulletproof vest stops the bullet, there is no guarantee that the operator will not suffer injuries from the impact.

Polyethene Body Armor – Revolutionary Innovations

Fortunately, in today’s age, there are revolutionary innovations that have a galvanizing effect on the prospect of bullet protection. For instance, armour that contains ballistic UHMW-PE Plates that are designed by experts from Prime Armor has a proven record of being effective. Prime Armor Level III Polyethylene Body Armor is strategically crafted to block the ballistic attack. Also, Prime Armor Polyethylene Body Armor can absorb and reduce the felt energy through your armor.

According to a research study from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Polyethylene 14 times stronger and eight times lighter (less dense) than steel and ideal for absorbing the impact of bullets and other projectiles.

Also, this evolutionary material can provide a higher level of protection when compared to other armors materials such as steel, and ceramics.

Bulletproof Effectiveness Explained

Every bulletproof vest is crafted to absorb impact from certain types of arms and bullets. Others are designed to protect from larger arms. Therefore, for a bulletproof vest to be effective, you will need to wear a specific model for the potential situation on the battlefield. For instance, if you find yourself in combat that includes large arms, then a vest that absorbs small arms fire will not be effective.

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Simply said, the operator should not rely on a vest for protection against threats that it cannot resist. In the same time, a fit vest is paramount since a not well-positioned vest might not be able to neutralize the impact of the projectile.

The Bottom Line

On a final note, we can conclude that the Bulletproof vests are an effective tool that can provide protection. However, it is imperative to use proper armor as per the conditions on the battlefield. And to position, you vest appropriately.

Simply said, the prerequisite for the effectiveness of the protective vests is the proper and adequate use of these protection armor innovations.