Tourniquet Sleeve

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Tourniquets are one of the most important tools that should be a part of EDC (everyday carry) for everyone or even on a regular basis by storing them in your car, backpacks or purses. In case of a severe injury, it’s one of the most effective ways to stop major bleeding, so it should be easily accessible for example on the side of or underneath of your plate carrier. We decided to create our tourniquet fast release leaves that can be easily attached to any surface with velcro hook or loop. Keep in mind that when choosing a good tourniquet, make sure to run a “snap” test. Performing a snap test is bending the twist lever to its maximum point to see if it will break. If it does, this is not a safe, let alone, good tourniquet. Please be sure to properly have a safe and functioning tourniquet. Comes in four colors: black, coyote, tactical grey and OD green. Tourniquet did not included!


  • Simple and reliable design
  • Mil-Spec elastic retention sleeve capable of holding TAC-T, CAT, & SOFT-T
  • Hook/Loop Velcro can be attached to the similar surface
  • Made is USA
  • Actual tourniquet is not included
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