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Leading the Field in Body Armor Design and Technology.


Leading the Field in Body Armor Design and Technology.

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Leading the Field in Body Armor Design and Technology.


Leading the Field in Body Armor Design and Technology.


Prime Armor LLC is owned by 3 generations of the NAVY family.

We started our own line of tactical gear and body armor solutions in 2020. We believe that preparedness, tactics and quality gear is also a part of the Second Amendment so here we are creating quality products for our fellow Americans. We entered the industry with the mindset of manufacturing top quality, reliable products that offered our customers high-value solutions and to provide protection to those in need which our caution originated in the mayhem of 2020. The land of free because of brave.



Our products are intended for responsible all law-abiding Americans, law-enforcement personnel and military personnel. We ONLY sell to legal residents of the United States. With our competitive prices and ability to acquire materials made to our specifications, we’ve set high standards for ballistic body armor and tactical gear.

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Customer Reviews

We always love hearing from our customers. Here are a few of our reviews!
“The plates I purchased looks to be of great quality. Fits my plate carrier well.”
Paul D.

Paul D.

“Great customer service!!! Alex is extremely helpful and responsive to all dumb questions I asked! ;)”
Timothy T.

Timothy T.

“Sales team has been great and answered all my questions. Product seems very well designed and crafted and have had no issues to date. Great work and love the fact that we can purchase from an outstanding team that has served our country.”
Greg C.

Greg C.






Prime Armor LLC is owned by 3 generations of the NAVY family.

Are you looking for a reliable and proven online store where you can comfortably and easily make purchases? In that case, Prime Armor is what you need. A convenient online platform offers its potential buyers a wide range of effective equipment and reliable armor. The manufacturer skillfully combined the high quality of its products with affordable prices. Therefore, buyers can afford a quality purchase without high costs.

Customers of our Prime Armor online store will be pleasantly surprised by a large catalog of various goods and products. Online shopping will no longer be complicated thanks to the experienced specialists in our service. Employees will be able to:

  • advise buyers on any product that is based on the catalog,
  • talk about the features and characteristics of each product,
  • to prompt and helpful with the choice in favor of the most suitable model.

We guarantee the quality of goods to our customers. Absolutely all products are carefully controlled and tested based on international standards. Such thorough preparation allows us to provide only high-quality products that can perform the declared functions one hundred percent. The products of the Prime Armor online store allow you to feel a sense of security and confidence anytime, anywhere.

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Prime Armor LLC is a brand with a long history. The NAVY family has been the owner of this brand for three generations. The Prime Armor online store offers its customers products with a long history, high quality, and a positive reputation that has been formed over time. A line of tactical equipment and body armor was launched in 2020. The specialists who worked on the creation of products focused on quality and comfort. The main attention was paid to the functionality of tactical equipment and body armor so that the product could ensure the safety of the health and life of every person.

The tactical equipment industry in California opened not so long ago. However, our specialists have already managed to prove their professionalism in the field of creating goods that are aimed at protecting a person from external factors.

The modern world is not as safe as everyone would like it to be. Therefore, the Prime Armor team has made it their mission to help each individual in their defense. This became the basis for the creation of tactical equipment and body armor.

Products from the catalog will be useful for the following California categories:

  • responsible and law-abiding citizens;
  • law enforcement officials;
  • serving people;
  • residents of California, with a high-risk profession.

We purchase high-quality products to create future products at affordable prices. This allows us to offer a potential client reliability and protection along with the purchased goods at an attractive price.

Buy goods in the Prime Armor online store quickly and comfortably

Do you have a desire or need to purchase tactical equipment or body armor, but do not know where to place an order? If so, visit our Prime Armor online store. Customers of our store can enjoy many advantages during the registration, receipt, and use of goods. Our products have the following advantages:

  • We are aware of all current trends, so we offer customers a product that meets all the upgrades.
  • The catalog of our goods differs in the big range of the various goods. Each visitor will be able to choose the right product.
  • The pricing policy of our products allows everyone to make a purchase.
  • Our experts will help buyers make the right choice in favor of the right body armor or tactical equipment.

Our Prime Armor online store is open to customers. We help our customers to do everything to purchase the right product, and affordable prices will help save a lot.