Level III Prime Armor Full set + Accessories

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2x Prime Body Armor GEN 2 Threat Level: III

1x  Prime Warrior Plate Carrier

1x  Prime Armor Tactical IFAK

1x  Multi-Rifle Magazine Pouch


Weight N/A
Plate Carrier Size

S, M, L, XL, XXL

Body Armor Size

10"x12", 11"x14"

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100 125 150 175 200 225 250 275 300 350 400 450
5” S S M L XL XL 2X 2X 3X 3X 3X
5′ 4” S S M L L XL 2X 2X 2X 3X 3X
5′ 6” S S M M L XL 2X 2X 2X 3X 3X
5′ 8” S S M M L XL XL 2X 2X 3X 3X
5′ 10” S S S M L XL XL 2X 2X 2X 3X
6” S S S M L L XL 2X 2X 2X 3X 3X
6′ 2” S S S M L L XL 2X 2X 2X 3X 3X
6′ 4” S M M L XL 2X 2X 2X 3X 3X
6′ 6” S M M L XL XL 2X 2X 3X 3X
6′ 8” S M M L XL XL 2X 2X 3X 3X


Prime Armor Body Armor GEN 2
  • Only 3,99lbs in 10” x 12” and 11″x 14″ in SAPI/ESAPI-Cut
  • Level III rated
  • Ergonomic Single Curvature
  • Stand-Alone and Multi-Hit capable
  • 1.2” Thick Profile
  • Positive Buoyancy
  • UHMWPE ballistic core construction
  • Durable Nylon proactive cover
  • Edge impact padding
  • Backside impact padding
  • 5 years warranty for Ballistic Components

Prime Warrior Plate Carrier
  • Durable 500d 6.6 Nylon fabric.
  • Chest Size 35-54
  • 10×12″ front and back slots can accommodate hard and soft panels.
  • Side cummerbund is capable of accepting side armor panels.
  • Side panels are currently unavailable.
  • Quick-release side buckles.
  • Velcro patches on the front and back.
  • Additional gear can be added to the back of the carrier using a zipper system.
  • Backside zipper pouch included.
  • 2 Years Warranty on a plate carrier.

Compact and portable Prime Armor Tactical IFAK

Prime Armor Tactical IFAK pouch is compact, portable, and designed to be attached to your MOLLE compatible plate carrier, rifle bag, or backpack. This kit can fit the necessary tools to treat life-threatening bleeding wounds such as gunshots, stab wounds, or other serious bleeding injuries…

The Tactical IFAK pouch can be unzipped quickly and features an adjustable retention cord that prevents the pouch from falling all the way open when unzipped, creating a stable platform that allows immediate access to your medkit.

Internal pockets and elastic straps offer plenty of storage options for your medical equipment. Velcro webbing on the front for mounting medical patches like the included medical patch.

Prime Armor Multi-Rifle Magazine Pouch

Accommodates all common rifle magazines in a triple magazine pouch, and is capable of accommodating magazines such as 5.56×45 (.223), 7.62×39 AK, or 7.62×51 NATO (.308 Winchester).

  • Durable: made from 500D nylon.
  • Versatile: accommodates most rifle magazines, detachable & adjustable retention flap
  • Complete: Includes a pair of color-matched clips for attaching to your MOLLE-compatible platform
  • Light:  Tripple mags only 5.9 ounces

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