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Prime Armor provides more affordable financial options for its products

Body Armor Now More Affordable with Financing Options

The number of scenarios where Ballistic Protection is a must increase in the US every day. Unfortunately, this need is not limited to the law enforcement officers, but now also extends to regular civilians in urban and rural areas across various States.

As the need grows, here are some basic what-to-knows that will help you understand what ballistic plates are and how to choose the best.

Step-by-step guide to financing your order.

Body armor is a bulletproof gear that aims to protect the user’s vital organs and not the whole body per se. It can either be a soft or hard armor. A soft armor has materials that are pliable and can be bent in various directions. Most soft body armor have NIJ (National Institute of Justice) levels II, IIA, and IIIA, which can repel handguns.

1. Add Prime Body Armor to your duty bag and head to checkout

2. On the checkout page, enter your details in the required fields

3. At the bottom of the page, select “ Payment Plan” as your payment method and press “Place Order” button

4. You will be redirected on the official website to provide payment details and finish the procedure accepts all major credit and debit cards. also accepts ACH bank transactions for payments to merchants located in the United States.

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