Choosing a Bulletproof Vest: the Main Criteria

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When choosing protective gear, you need to figure out what type of threat you are seeking protection from. Each vest varies  on the class of ammunition, such as weight, material, thickness, and other parameters. determining what type of vest and  body armor to you’ll need whether  concealed or outdoor wear is a very important first […]

Is Expensive Body Armor Worth the Cost?

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Many of us are sure that cost determines quality. The more expensive a thing is the longer and better it will be in use. Let us see whether this logic is true about body armor worn by civilians. We are to speak about what determines the price of bulletproof vests and plates and if expensive […]

Choosing the Right Body Armor

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Today, the market of body armor offers many different varieties of products with many  accouterments in the market. Moreover, there is a wide range of information available to customers. One can spend several months looking for the perfect armor which fits ones needs and desires. Practical guidance is very important when choosing body armor. Here […]

What is Kevlar and How Does it Stop a Bullet?

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What is Kevlar? Kevlar is an aramid fiber with its technical characteristics, mostly due to its high strength, is widely used in various branches of the industry. The mechanical properties allows this fabric to be used in the military sphere as a material for making body armor and helmets. The production of the original Kevlar […]

How Body Armor Varies Between Men And Women

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When choosing a bulletproof vest, there’s definitely a variety of questions you would like to ask before purchasing it. How does body armor work? How do you wear it properly? What are the main body armor levels? How does it vary between men and women?

What Is Soft Body Armor?

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In the beginning, people used animal skins or natural fibers made from straw, cotton, and silk. Then metals – copper and steel, replaced them. The increasing of the threat level effectiveness stimulates the body armor improvement. In modern times, we have reinvented the wear, light, and high protection simultaneously. What is soft body armor and […]

How Does Body Armor Work

How Does Body Armor Work

Body armor, also known as “bulletproof vest”, is ballistic wear used to stop different projectiles like firearms and shrapnel rated NIJ IIIA Standard and rounds up to 44 magnum. It prevents ricochets, knife attacks, and other threats from any sort of penetration. Bullet-resistant (bulletproof) vests are available in different varieties of styles, protective materials, sizes, […]

How To Clean Bullet Proof Vest

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If you want body armor to last long, it should be maintained and stored properly. It should be visually inspected for cuts, holes, and other damages on a regular basis. At first sight, these damages might look insignificant but they can reduce the ballistic performance of plates and make them dangerous to wear. Once you […]

The History of Body Armor

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Nowadays, a bulletproof vest is an integral item of body armor. There exist multiple levels of protection that safeguard military and law enforcement personnel from different types of ammunition and simply blunt injuries. However, body armor history is quite thorny. Just imagine that in the early 20th century, soldiers went to the battlefield of World […]

Main Body Armor Levels

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When it comes to choosing a bullet-resistant vest, there’s a range of aspects that have to be taken into consideration. You should pay attention to how well it fits, whether it allows for adequate mobility and comfort, as well as what threats it is capable to prevent. To find out the latter, you should get […]