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Main Body Armor Levels

When it comes to choosing a bullet-resistant vest, there’s a range of aspects that have to be taken into consideration. You should pay attention to

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Types of Body Armor Plates

Nowadays the value of each man’s life has increased greatly. Scientists all over the world develop individual defense equipment to make it more reliable and advanced.

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How To Wear Body Armor

Nowadays, body armor is an essential element of the personal protection of law enforcement and military personnel. Wearing a bullet-resistant vest on a daily basis,

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6 Awesome Ways to Upgrade your Carrier Loadout

In today’s complex battlefield, the prospect of having reliable body armor and bulletproof gear can have a significant impact. Moreover, the ever-evolving security challenges require

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Is Body Armor Illegal?

Body armor can be the difference between life and death for many law enforcement, military officials, and civilians. After all, the numbers show that during the past three decades, body armor has protected the lives of more than 3,000 police officers.

What is the best Hard Armor option? — Prime armor

Do Bulletproof Vests Work?

Throughout the years, the challenge for many was how to effectively protect from gunfire in combat. Moreover, the early forms of body armor protection provided only limited protection from a bullet.

What is the best Hard Armor option?

How to Pick a Right Ballistic Helmet?

The emerging challenges of modern warfare, it is imperative to have the right equipment. And that can include a broad spectrum of different gear. That